Working Consciously for Better Health

On any given day, how many moments, actions and emotions are part of your conscious thought process?

According to Anne Rice, a Decatur-based licensed professional counselor, the lack of presence or consciousness in daily life often leads to stress, anxiety, depression and illness.

“Work stress levels have escalated progressively over the past few decades largely because, rather than valuing breaks from work, we feel guilty about taking them,” said Rice. “When you aren’t present with your emotions at work, you will bring them home with you and the brain continues in work mode. Eventually the home will not be a restful place.”

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The New Financial Landscape for Small Businesses - Payment choices from credit cards to cryptocurrency

Small business owners are all too familiar with the challenges that come with getting paid, from high vendor acceptance fees to lengthy payment terms. However, radically changing consumer behavior, advancements in technology and a progressing regulatory system indicate the financial landscape is due for unparalleled transformation.

This revolution cannot come soon enough for people like Jon Eggleton, Decatur CoWorks member and Managing Partner of Traktion, a marketing and e-commerce strategy firm.

“A significant portion of my time is spent dealing with slow accounts payable departments, but in this line of work, that’s always part of the deal,” said Eggleton.

Gary Phillips, Vice President of Cybersecurity for Suntrust Bank, said, “We’re working overtime to make transactions easier, faster and safer. Fortunately, the high demand for convenient transactions has led to a renaissance of how payments are made and accepted. They must become faster and cheaper or they’ll fade away.”

The five primary methods of payments in the U.S. are cash, debit, credit, electronic transfer, financial technology (fintech) and cryptocurrency. Each of these has its pros, cons and security concerns.

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Coworking Spaces Are the New Coffee Shops on Steroids for Entrepreneurs and Remote Workers

Images that often come to mind when thinking about “coworking” likely include industrial lounge areas, abundant caffeine and networking with a host of millennials toting Apple computers. These are indeed prevalent among coworking spaces, however, the real value goes far beyond the stereotype. If you’re thinking about joining a coworking space, or want to take full advantage of your existing membership, consider the following benefits.

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Restoring Work-Life Balance: Five Tactics for Aligning Priorities with Actions

As the average American workweek continues to increase, balancing our personal and professional lives becomes more challenging. Americans take fewer vacation days and retire later than those in other industrialized countries. As a result, stress levels in the U.S. are on the rise. In our rush to get it all done at the office and at home, it’s easy to forget that as stress levels increase, our productivity diminishes.

While a little stress helps drive us to perform our best, the key to managing stress is balance. An effective work-life balance is struck when actions reflect priorities. Below are five tactics that will help take back control and align priorities with actions.

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The State of Sustainability in Business

As a business, there are a variety of ways to operate more sustainably, from adopting renewable energy practices to selling goods in recycled packaging. Many people assume only multinational corporations can make a significant environmental impact. However, when you consider that 99.7 percent of all U.S. businesses are classified as small businesses, it’s easy to understand how a series of small steps can make a big impact. Below are a few sustainable practices companies of all sizes can easily adopt.

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