August Productivity Points

August Productivity Points


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August Productivity Points




Thank you to those who came out to our Hot Dog social last month.  Though we got rained out, it was a great time!

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Thursday, August 18, 5pm-6pm - see you there!

It’s August and you know what that means – school is in session!  As traffic increases and your calendar fills up, here are some ways to stay productive while you get back into the swing of things. 


Imagine the ideal workday:

Everything goes according to plan and time for creative work is ample and uninterrupted. As dreamy as that sounds, it’s often unrealistic. And though you can’t always control the events of your workday, you can set yourself up to increase productivity.


Here are some Productivity Points that can help!

1.  Tackle important items in the morning
While checking email may seem like a logical way to start your day, it’s actually among the worst things you can do. As science and media have long reported, you’re most alert within hours after waking up, so expending precious energy on routine tasks like email is not a strategic move. Instead, work on your most important assignments while your mind is fresh and alert (and your morning coffee is just starting to kick in). With creativity flowing, your productivity will increase.

2.  Take breaks, and make them frequent
Did you know our brains are not built for eight hours of uninterrupted, high-focus work? That’s why a ten-minute break every hour and a half throughout the day is far more valuable than working straight for three hours and feeling burned out for the next one. Step away from your work and take a walk through your building or around the block to allow your mind to reboot. Consider setting a timer to encourage breaks and time to refill your water or grab a cup of coffee.

3.  Eat a lunch – for real
Even if you had breakfast, your brain will have used a lot of that energy by the afternoon time.  A midmorning snack in addition to a hearty lunch (i.e.: that salad better contain protein!) is a great way to avoid or at least lessen the effects of that afternoon slump. Set aside at least ten minutes to replenish yourself and eat a balanced meal— and no, a granola bar during your conference call doesn’t count.

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Upcoming Events

Client Event: Xperience Connections (XC) for Women - Thursday 8/18, 11am - 1:30pm
XC is a relaxed brunch/networking gathering designed just for women, led by Decatur XC leader Frances Whitten.  Cost is $20.  For more information about XC or to reserve your spot, click here.


CoWorks Social - Thursday 8/18, 5pm - 6pm
Every Third Thursday of the month we gather for a social.  Please come and get to know our awesome CoWorks members and pick up your free day pass!  


     Come have a ball with us!  

Health & Wellness in the Workplace Lunch & Learn: Presented by Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) - Thursday 8/25, 12pm - 1pm
OTF will be providing exercise balls to show you some great moves!  Did you know sitting too much can damage your health?  Studies have found that desk exercises really DO improve your overall health.  OTF will show you ways to increase productivity through simple office exercises.  $15 ticket includes lunch from Fresh to Order. To Brown Bag it, select the $5 ticket to lock in your seat (we will reimburse you upon attendance!).  Reserve your seat today! 

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 Member Testimonial

Carolyn Dupree, All the Time Member with 24/7 Access:

“It’s truly been a delight at Decatur CoWorks… [it] has been a lifesaver and has benefited me greatly in my work and school endeavors.  The co-work space was really a great spot for me, it suited my needs and I enjoyed the people as well.” 

Decatur CoWorks is shared workspace in the heart of downtown Decatur.  With our reliable WiFi, printing, and professional office setting and conference rooms, our members enjoy working, hosting team gatherings, and meeting clients.  

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