July Newsletter

July Newsletter

July Productivity Points
We had a GREAT time being a part of the community last month with
the Decatur Beach Party and Wylde Center Beer Garden events!

We enjoyed building relationships by passing out balloons and having a casual conversation over some nice brews!  At Decatur CoWorks, we pride ourselves in providing space for you to work and collaborate with other business people  As always, you are invited to experience coworking  as our guest and enjoy the cool AC - especially now that our Atlanta heat is in full swing. 

It’s summer and, let’s be honest, coming back to work after having the 4th off has me thinking about the next three-day weekend!   Getting your work done in the summer can be hard, so we've sourced 3 tips on how you can  be more productive during this summer heat! 

Here are 3 tips to sharpen your productivity skills!

1. Review your project list
Do you know by now which of your current-year projects are bearing fruit, which are dead in the water, and which are still teetering between the two?

Use the summertime to review your project list (if you don’t have a master list of every project you’re involved in, start by brain-dumping a list of them all). This exercise will provide invaluable information for you to re-prioritize your activities for greater success.

2. Get to and learn to maintain INBOX ZERO 
If there was ever a time to get on top of your email overload, it’s summer, when both email volume and (perhaps) demands on your time go down.
Inbox Zero, developed by productivity expert Merlin Mann, is best defined by Whatis.com as a rigorous approach to email management aimed at keeping the inbox empty -- or almost empty -- at all times.  If there was ever a time to get on top of your email overload, it’s summer, when both email volume and (perhaps) demands on your time go down.

At our last lunch & learn entitled “Email Sanity,” presenter Kristin Divergave tips on how to achieve this goal.  If you missed out, another option is using David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology.  It just plain works, but at the cost of an initial time investment.  Get the book, set aside two or three days, and get started.  Most importantly, use the dog days of summer to stay on the inbox zero horse, and groove the GTD principles. 
3. Rebuild your working environment
Look around you.  Chances are your working environment is less than ideal for high-quality, highly creative work. The summer months are a perfect opportunity to fix that.

Over time, we let crud accumulate in our working environment. Files for since-aborted projects; books, papers and other reading materials we’ll never get around to; old, unused tech; souvenirs, gizmos and tchotchkes that once seemed cute, but which now just get in the way. Grab a trash bag and flush the lot. Stick it all in storage if you’re queasy about throwing it away.   Now take another look around. What else can you do to refresh your working pace for great productivity?  
If you need a change of scenery all together, CoWorks is the place to be.  The environment is open and uncluttered which helps with creativity and focus. 
Productivity points as found here.
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Calendar of Events
The third Thursday Cookout Social July 21, 4:30-6pm.  Join us for hamburgers, hotdogs, and beer!  Get to know our awesome CoWorks members and pick up your free day pass.  RSVP by replying to this email. 
Xperience Connections (XC) is meeting on Wednesday, July 20, 11am-1:30pm.  XC is a relaxed brunch/networking gathering designed just for women. Cost is $20.  For more information about Decatur XC leader Frances Whitten or to reserve your spot, check out the following link: http://xperienceconnections.com/spotlight/decatur/

NEW Decatur Writers Studio classes are starting up.  Visit www.decaturwritersstudio.com to find out more.  

*Our lunch & learns will resume in August so stay posted.

Member Testimonial

Member Pam Eidson is a nonprofit director in public health who has the flexibility to work from home yet comes to CoWorks to “get work done,” even home management work.  She likes the reliable WiFi, convenient location, being around other professionals, and having the opportunity to get out of the house.  Pam readily admits that she keeps coming back because she is “far, far more productive than being at home!”