May 2016 Calendar of Events

May 2016 Calendar of Events

May 2016 Calendar of Events


A message from the general manager:

For the past 11 months that I have been at Decatur CoWorks, I have had the privilege of meeting a variety of people in diverse fields who work hard every day to meet deadlines and reach their goals. Whether they are hosting an event, meeting clients, or collaborating with a team, I am inspired by their focus, skill, and work ethic. I’ve witnessed individuals and businesses grow as they achieve their goals through concentrated workdays. I enjoy providing a space for people who want the companionship and the motivation inspired by the quiet buzz of other working professionals. Thank you for being a part of this growing community in the heart of Decatur!

Sincerely, Elisa

Bring a Friend to Work Day!

Wednesday, May 25, 8am-6pm

Bring a friend to try out CoWorks for free! If they can’t come in that day, not a problem.  Come by the front desk to get their complimentary day pass.


Talks, Workshops, & Seminars


Thursday, May 26, 11:45am-1pm - "DIY Accounting" L&L (Lunch & Learn)

Looking for tips on how to clean up your books for next year’s taxes?! Then join us at Decatur CoWorks for our Lunch & Learn entitled "DIY Accounting.” Matthew May, founder and managing partner at Acuity, understands the struggles of solopreneurs and has created a seminar on how to successfully manage your accounting by sharing resources, reports, and technology that will save you time and headaches. Members, you can now purchase tickets through your online account.



You are invited to "Storytelling: Your Ultimate Business Advantage"

Thursday, May 19, 9am-4pm

Dr. Larry Stultz and Dr. Rob Albertson, veterans of the advertising and filmmaking industry and professors in higher education, are hosting their one-day seminar at Decatur Coworks. Every entrepreneur has a story s/he hopes will be heard. You will learn keys to unlocking your greatest ideas and practice compelling storytelling techniques. Light lunch served, and you will receive a flash drive with the day’s powerpoint presentations, an introductory sample of Dr. Larry’s creative thinking card deck, Tailfeathers 1.0, and a pdf of DrRob’s e-book, Storytelling for Entrepreneurs. $149 per person. Purchase tickets at

 Networking Opportunities

Wednesday, May 11, 5-7pm – We will be hosting the Decatur All Women’s Network (DAWN) meeting.

DAWN empowers women business owners to thrive and grow! Lite appetizers provided. Fee is $10 cash at the door.


Decatur CoWorks “Third” Thursday Social - Thursday, May 19, 4:30-6pm

Join us every third Thursday at Decatur CoWorks, join us for beer, wine, food, and of course good company. Get to know our awesome DCWs members. Bring a guest and you both receive a free day pass!


Saturday, May 21, 10:30am-1pm - We will be hosting Xperience Connections

Xperience Connections is a relaxed brunch/networking gathering designed just for women. Cost is $20. For more information about the Decatur XC leader Frances Whitten or to reserve your spot, check out the following link:


 Member Highlight


Rick Abt is a civil engineer and Branch Manager for FEG’s Atlanta office. He has been a Full Time member since December 2014. Though he could have worked from home, he chose to work here for two main reasons. First, household chores such as emptying the dishwasher or taking out the trash distracted him. Second, it was better for his marriage particularly when his wife was at home during key business hours. He needed to get out of the house to stay focused and CoWorks was just a mile away. It was the perfect price for an up-and-coming business with minimal risk. Rick, an extrovert who comes from a big family, enjoys the hustle and bustle of the place. He likes the energy and the opportunity to meet other people, especially at our socials. Plus, he appreciates the fact that he is forced to end his workday by 6pm so he can get out to exercise. A fun fact about Rick is that he loves using his creativity to build and decorate and has one of the most ornate yards in his neighborhood at Halloween and Christmas.

Community Events

 Join us for the Decatur Lantern Parade! 

We will be walking with our lanterns in this fun event on Friday, May 13 @ 9pm! Check out our lanterns hanging in the break area! More info at:


Kirkwood SpringFling Festival

Saturday, May 14, 10am-8pm

Stop by our table and enter your name for a chance to win a Kindle!


 Reminder: We will be closed for Memorial Day on Monday, May 31st.